Karachi Film Academy / B.Arch Thesis

  • Thesis Project, Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture in Karachi, Pakistan
    Distinction in Thesis, Architecture Thesis Display 2015
    Thesis Statement: An Exercise in Public Spectacle through Architecture
    The project, a Film Academy for Karachi, is a place for students, film enthusiasts and the general public to immerse in the world of cinema. The brief developed, looking to introduce a building which would catalyse urban interaction by creating a platform to learn about the art of film-making. From students studying for a BA in Film Theory, to general public who can partake in workshops and enjoy the main public facilities, which include screening rooms, temporary and permanent exhibits, film museum and themed restaurants, the idea was to weave the social fabric by means of exploring and studying the moving image.
  • SIte: KPT Interchange 
  • The idea developed from seeing a change in people’s attitudes towards the film culture. In a city where urban interaction is at a bare minimum, the opening of five cinema houses all in a span of six to seven years seemed to have paved a way for the Entertainment Industry to stand back on its feet. With game changers, such as establishment of the United Producer’s Association (UPA), an organization which promotes the production of films by bringing together producers and film makers on a unified platform. In addition to, the establishment of the Oscar’s Committee of Pakistan, after Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s documentary film, ‘Saving Face’ won an Oscar. The scope of Pakistan’s Film Industry is slowly evolving into something bigger and better, and there is no turning back from here!
    The year 2013 marked the rebirth of Lollywood with movies such as, ‘Waar’, ‘Main Shahid Afridi Hoon’, ‘Na Maloom Afraad’, as well as ‘Zinda Bhaag’, etc having done exceptionally well at the Box Office. Preceding this trend, several individuals are interested in finding platforms to execute their ideas and learning about the art of film making. However due to the absence of professional institutions in this field, many creative individuals are unable to realize their visions.
  • My thesis aims to explore the idea of architecture as a montage. A montage is the juxtaposition of different shots created to give a new meaning when being seen together. Through the course of the day, the building transforms into a stage creating drama and theatrics on a larger scale. It uses the metaphor of an ‘Architectural Billboard’ by revealing its energy on the outside. As it takes its user through a sequence of events, the Film Academy puts up an exciting public trailer for its observer, using all the right ingredients for a good movie on its façade; curiosity, mystery and drama!
  • Comic Restaurant, "Qehqaha"