Idle Lounge Chair

  • Idle.

    By promoting and inviting non-traditional seated positions, Idle satisfies the desire to find ultimate seated comfort in an unorthodoxly configured lounge chair. 

  •       A neutral and calming charcoal fabric envelopes the cushioned seat of an asymmetric lounge chair. Slight eye movements are suggested across the surfaces by a subtle straight-grained texture embedded into the textile. Each upholstered piece curves over the separate arms and back, creating a comfortable sanctuary within the external wooden structure.

          A gap appears between the pillowy forms, just inches above the seat, perfectly sized for the end of a foot to peek through. One lowered armrest and a little extra width implies a particular flexibility within the chair. Both legs may be effortlessly flung over the side, folded in the center, or comfortably tucked underneath. Such a freedom from restriction allows the embrace of an undisturbed moment of restoration where thoughts are free to flow and worries are left behind.
  • Inspiration.
          Idle’s inspiration came from the unintended uses of a chair. Like many products, it is common for a lounge chair to be used in various ways not originally considered in its design. In this concept those typically unintended positions such as sitting cross-legged or with one leg resting over the armrest are unchallenged.
  • Production.
          After deciding on a final concept and resolving Idle’s proportions and method of production through computer modeling, the wooden frame was built from ash. Large pieces of cardboard were used to visualize the approximate size and shape of each upholstered piece and how they would be constructed. As the structure for the sides, back, and seat was being fabricated from plywood, color and fabric options were researched, ultimately leading to a soothing gray with bright accent pillows for versatility.