Synthesis represents a typographic exploration of letterforms. Through studies of intersecting forms, space/counterspace, and the different aspects of typefaces, we settled on one continous letterform constructed from two different letters. The letters that I ultimately chose were a Filosophia "S" and an Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ "B". 
    I. Visualizing the true negative and positive spaces of a letterform is often difficult on paper, or even in Illustrator. To better understand the shape and its interaction with its surroundings, we constructed a 3D model of our letterform. The form is lasercut and layered out of 0.25" plexiglass, and the two external sides are coated with mirror effect spray.
    II. While constructing the 3D form, we documented in a process book compositions of the different letterform iterations including all the previous ones that we had explored. The compositions had to incorporate CMYK as well as an overlapping effect. The pages are french-fold, printed inkjet, and perfectly bound with hard covers and a tape bound spine. Over the spine is a thin layer of aluminum, to mimic the reflective quality of the 3D form. The outside of the book jacket includes original sketches of the letterforms, on graph paper, where as the inside of the jacket holds photographs of the final 3D form.
  • Part I: 3D
  • Part II: Process Book
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