RISD - Animated Glass [Spatial Spring (Freshmen 2015)]

  • Introduction
  • Animated Glass is a light animated stacking glass sculpture. The concept came from experientation with stacked glass. I realized that running a light through a stack of glass will illuminate each plane individually. So treating each pane as a frame, I made a stack of glass that progresively construct the RISD logo. Running a light through this stack will animate the process.
    The stand is made from wood.
    The design is not limited to the RISD logo. The animation can range from simple pattern stacking, logo animation, to character or story animation.
  • Animated Glass, front view. Regular Lighting.
  • Animated Glass, animation. Dim light with LED running underneath.
  • Individual pane example 1.
  • Individual pane example 2.
  • Wall shadow 1.
  • Wall shadow 2.