Zoom In Zoom Out

  •    This project is mainly about developing methods for creating human-scaled environments within, “megalithic design,” in Atlantic Yards, a 22-acre, 7.6 million square foot redevelopment underway in Brooklyn, New York. The site is a formal industrial rail yard trench—a multi-block hole in the city. The location is served by the Long-Island Railroad and adjacent to the third-largest hub of the New York City subway. Here, a new arena and the first of 16 residential and mixed-use towers are rising on constructed ground above the rail yards.
  •    We consider the street as an outdoor “interior,” to transform and perform differing urban domesticities. The zoom studio will iterate between the procedures and representation techniques of  interior architecture and landscape architecture to bring the orientation of each discipline to bear on the challenge of design at an overwhelming scale. We will undertake a series of simultaneous scale exercises that will force flexibility into our design thinking.
  • Collaborative Project with Kaiyue Fan in Landscape Architecture 
    Sep- Dec 2014