Megalodon Shark Jaw

  • The Megalodon Shark Jaw was commissioned by Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, WA. This representation is how scientist theorize the size and look of the jaw would be.  For this project we started with a 24 inch Great White Shark Jaw which was 3d scanned (the smaller white jaw in first photo).  It was then scaled up to size and carved with a CNC machine in foam.  We were then able to alter the foam carving to accomodate the cast teeth (supplied by Bone Clones).  The teeth are generally the only part of the skeleton that gets preserved since the rest of the skeleton, which is similar to modern sharks and is only cartilage, rarely becomes fossilized.  We then sculpted and textured the surface of the foam to simulate fossil texture.  A mold and cast were made so we could incorporate an internal armature which was bolted to the floor.  The aquarium wanted this to be a touchable interactive and we didn't want the first human injured by a Megalodon Shark to be from this cast.  After the cast was done we secured the teeth, all 138, and completed it with artist paints to bring out the details and to unify all the elements.
  • Life sized Great White Jaw (24" wide) and life size Megalodon Jaw (109" wide) in foam.
  • Coating the foam in epoxy and texturing to simulate fossil texture.
  • For a realistic look we painted the cast jaw and teeth. 
  • Megalodon Jaw, front view
  • Megalodon Jaw, side view
  • Megalodon Shark Jaw, detail of tooth rows