Pier 26, New York, NY

  • Pier 26, New York, NY
  • In the past we have seen the aftermaths of tsunamis and hurricanes and the trail of destruction it leaves behind. Climate change results in extreme weather with stronger winds and rain. We often experience disasters of other places through the media, this disconnection conveys a sense of isolation. This project aims to conceptualize the aftermaths of climate change and vulnerability of cities through the materiality of paper and its relationship to water.
  • The installation takes the form of a 1:1 scale New York City block, with the facades created out of paper resembling the iconic cast iron buildings of the Tribeca area. This set design of facades brings a sense of familiarity to the experience. Overtime with the rain and wind, the paper begins to yellow, wear and tear eventually degrading to the frame it sits on. The temporality of the installation is dependent on the weather.
    At night, the paper facades can be used as a screen for projections. The projection can be used to shift the scale of the installation by projecting other neighborhoods of New York City, other places of the world and even atmospheric data. By bringing in global disaster to a central location raises one’s awareness of climate change