Cuir Boilli

  • Cuir Boilli the result of my experiments in imitating leather with metal. The imitation leather is created through chasing, etching, and enameling a piece of copper, and it is displayed against a trophy head mount. Cuir Boilli is the Medieval technique of hardening leather by boiling and stretching the leather, just as the copper of the brooch is chased and forged into an elastic form stretched over a vertebrae. Is the brooch more valuable because of the material and handwork, or is it cheapened because of its lack of authenticity?

    The imitation leather is created through etching, chasing, and enameling a copper sheet. The walnut frame is CNC milled and hand finished, with the stainless steel frame nailed to the back. The construction of the stainless steel frame was laserwelded.
    Photos by Lorenz Mager