[ GRAPHIC ] I love __ & I hate __

  • For this project, students need to fill the blank with one word. Then they are asked to create two separate pieces to illustrate two opposite feelings about this word, which is love and hate. Medium choice is open.
    The word I chose is ORDER.
    MEDIUM: Digital (Created in Photoshop)
    SIZE: 30" x 30"
    Clean, tidy, and orderly. I love when things are arranged chromatically or alphabetically, spaced evenly so their edges line up. I love to be able to unify images and make things or people that are commonly different work together. I love to be able to enjoy without needing to make & clean up messes. I love the peacefulness order brings. That degree of satisfaction is absolute.
    Boring, harsh, regulating. I hate when I am not allowed to do this, or do that. I hate the way these orderly boxes blocks my views and senses, prohibiting me from feeling what I like, going where I want or being who i wish to be. I hate how everyone is forced to walk the same, act the same, believe the same. I hate that everyone becomes the same. That degree of dissatisfaction is absolute.