The New York Times, deconstructed and abstracted.
    A daily newspaper publication, the New York Times is a regular and constant among the multitude of deciduous current events. Headliners, international news, arts and culture, opinion pages -- the New York Times is carefully laid out and planned, for easy reading. This project took aspects of the New York Times and combined them in a way that is not visually semantic. The usual order and organization of the newspaper are disrupted by nonsensical pieces of type and arbitrary blocks of text. In fact, when put together, the transparency of the "paper" makes any text impossible to read. A newspaper's purpose is to clearly convey information to the readers, yet so often media distorts that channel to be highly incoherent. This deconstruction of the New York Times is a personal interpretation of how news and events are relayed to people in modern society -- that despite the structure of the medium, is frequently entirely undecipherable and misunderstood.
    Mediums: Printed clear Duralar 
    Programs: Processing, Adobe InDesign CC
    Created for Typography II, under the guidance of Lucinda Hitchcock
    RISD Graphic Design, Spring 2015
    BREAKING NEWS was honored to be shown in CollectifBlanc's exhibtion: Édition Journal, June 5 - 7, 2015
  • Compositions were derived from code-generated images done in Processing