• Airflow Study Video - by Elsa Carlson
    This is a same of our material exploration that the team did to understand attributes of the materials that are commonly found in ICUs. Materials include metals, ceramic tile, cotton bedding and even blood and skin. The study furthered into exploring antimicrobial materials such as bamboo fibers. Thanks to the Nature Lab at RISD we were able to broaden our understanding of pathogens.
  • Organic Material_Bacillus Pathogens taken from an apple in the RISD portfolio cafe 1000x | Elsa Carlson
  • Synthetic Material_Ceramic Tile 1600x | Elsa Carlson
  • Synthetic Material Study_Copper 1550x  | Elsa Carlson
  • Synthetic Material Study_Cotton Bedding | Lea Hershkowitz
  • Organic Material_Human Lymph Node 100x  | Lea Hershkowitz