Foundation Design Fall 2014

  • These are the assignments that I complete as a part of Foundation Design during Fall 2014. 
    Project 1: Color Swatches
    For this assignment we had to create four gradients of color swatches using acrylic paint. This project's duration was one week and we focused on the hue, transparency, brightness, and saturation of color.
  • Project 2: Currency Re-Design
    Our second assignment was centered around redesigning the American currency system. This project was kept very liberal, so we were free to create ideas that were much more fantastical and less realistic and practical. For this two week project we designed a total of three bills and three coins. 
    For the design process, I followed a much more rigid process going from abstract terms to a more concrete visual idea. Eventually I solidified my focus in this project on origami and jewelry. In an attempt to stop myself from spending money frivoulously I decided to combine my origami hobby with my love for jewelry. The designs on the bills were inspired by the Guilloche patterns on actual currency.
  • Project 3: Movie Poster Design
    The 3rd project that we received this semester was an assignment to design movie posters for a movie of our choice. I chose to design movie posters for the movie Fight Club. In the first week, I designed the posters in a very illustrative manner and rendered the posters by hand. For the second week I chose to depart from my previous style completely design the posters very graphically. 
  • Project 4: Text Self Portrait
    The fourth project of this semester was one based on text in relation to a self portrait. For this project, I focused on the aspect of my cultural heritage and the obstacles I run into trying to define it. I created a stop motion animation of me having a conversation with myself repeating the phrases in English and Chinese that I hear from various family and friends who try to define my cultural heritage.
  • Project 5: Group Advertisement
    The 5th project of this semester is a group project involving the design of an advertisement campaign for a product or service that we create. For the first week we had to create a logo, website, phone application and physical product for our service. For the second week we had to create a print or environment ad to add onto out campaign. 
     I worked with Meghna Kayak and Renee Jin; we created an advertisement campaign for our wake-up service, RISD RISE. Throughout the two weeks we reworked our logo, website and app drastically from our original designs to something much more illustrative and well-rounded. 
  • Project 6: Interactive Media
    The sixth and final project of this semester was an assignment to create an interactive piece. The instructions were originally to create a website on Adobe Muse that people could interact with, however the instructions were expanded to include any type of interactive media.
    For this project I originally chose to create a webcomic adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s poem Annabel Lee. This stemmed from a project I had previously done adapting the novel Lolita into a comic. However this developed througout the two weeks, I decided to change the format of the piece into a scroll.