Sky and Rain

  • Site-Specific Multimedia Installation Project 
    Site: College Buiding @ RISD in Providence, RI
    Materials: mylar, glow sticks, 3 projectors, bluetooth speakers 
    The following images are documentation and are not the way in which the piece is intended to be viewed.

    -Experiential Account-
    Please Read

    You are handed a glowing stick at the door, a light to guide you, to make you part of it's world. You enter the space by acending a tight black metal spiral staircase. From above, you can see a faint glow of blue light flickering and changing shades. You can hear the patter of rain and the occasional boom of thunder, it becomes meditative. You arrive at the base of another set of stairs and all around you amorphus shapes cover the walls. Cast in brilliant shades of blue and white they dance before your eyes. Dangling from the very top of the staircase are glowing sticks which appear like rain drops frozen in time. You begin to acend the next flight of stairs, taking notice to your own reflection on the wall. It becomes warped and distorted as you pass the panes of material, you stop and stare for a moment entranced by your own image. You continue, watching the walls reflect your image while the colors of your surroundings dance on your skin. You reach the top of the stairs and gaze down upon your journey, watching, listening. The space becomes yours as you sit atop it, your own place to be, a place of wonder, a place of reflection, a place of sky an rain.