• Project Idea: It's been about three years that I spent time in RISD. Providence is a quite academic place, where schools often share conceptual ideas in many criteria of arts and others. It’s definitely a positive phenomenon, yet there’s a risk to be trapped in a closed world; living only in that certain space as "RISD Bubble". It’s easy for us to ignore those who aren’t in this world, because we are “privileged” artists and technologists. With that idea, I did a survey about "Marcel Duchamp's Fountain" at Providence Place Mall. Then I scanned the survey and rearranged in this form, allowing viewers to compare three sets of opinions. Through this form, these voices can interact or be the answer to one another.

  • "The scanned survey was done in Providence Place Mall, during March 7, 2015 (from 2pm ~ 5pm). "
  • At the end of each scrolling,  one can input their own opinion on the site;
    this function was added in order to expand the experiment even further.
    Thank you!