The Rocking Horse

  • The Rocking Horse
    by Kaichuan Wang
    Dec 2014
  •         A rocking horse is always associated with joy and happiness. Besides the motion of rocking, I intended to add more interesting character onto the object.
            The two main parts are connected by two pivots, and the simple mechanism gives another access to interact with it, that the object can work in two different modes: a rocking horse and a two-seat bench.
            The additional function is valuable because it motivates a brand new behavior and the user will get involved into manipulating the status of furniture, especially to a potential customer group which is families with children, a transformable furniture piece would be very inspiring and attractive.
            The prototype was a necessary step to jump to the final fabricating, and it turned out to be a very stylistic object as well.
            What fascinates me the most is the dramatic change of the object's character that the transforming causes, it's like a trigger to turn on the object's personality.