2015 Demo Reel

  • 1st Project - Work in Progress, "Heavy as a Hill"
    Several scenes from my degree project film. I am responsible for all lighting, animation, and fabrication in the shots, with the exception of the tea cups, bear, and green-lidded container--I had those as a kid.
    Test shot of dragon for "Construct"
    I built and animated the wooden dragon, this was an early version.
    2nd Project - "Alive", Collaboration with Katy Strutz 
    I am responsible for all the lighting, animation, and fabrication in these shots, except for the saws, Katy made the saws.
    Test shot of living plant for 'Heavy as a Hill'
    I made and animated everything in the shot, and that's my hand.
    3rd Project – “Carol and Irma”, collaboration with Katy Strutz.
    I was responsible for animating and fabricating Irma, the character on the right. I also did the lighting built the wooden set, did the flooring, and made the tables as well as Irma’s potion ingredients and cauldron.