Unnamed (Fragments)

  • "Unnamed (Fragments)", Plaster, Cardboard Boxes, Elmer's Glue, Foam Board, Fabric, 8.5 x 70 x 100 inches, 2015.
  • "Traces (Reborn)", Clay and Fettling Knife on Canvas, 32 x 18 x 2 inches, 2015.
    "Grids", Digital Image printed on Paper, 66 x 66 inches, 2015.

  • We look for comfort in our objects and places. There is always a reason or a motive that causes one to claim ownership of them.
    The installation is a compilation of photography, drawing, and plaster objects grouped in different ratios (2:1, 1 2/3:1, 1 1/2:1, and 1:1) referencing 3-dimensional cuboids that are open to a variety of interpretations. Each version speaks to the viewer in a different kind of languages, while a 2:1 suggests a brick that wants to be stacked, a 1 1/2:1 appears as a fragment of a bigger picture, and a 1:1 as an object or a thing. The installation encourages the viewer's projection of himself onto the works, to find meanings and narratives on his own terms. As the mind explores the subject, it is led to ideas that lie beyond the grasp of reason.
    They are difficult to apprehend, for anything that arises in the mind can be and become anything.

    "Traces (Reborn)" and "Grids" are different interpretations of 3-dimensional cuboids exploring color, tone, texture, and medium that spark off associative processes for interpretations of meanings and narratives. The canvas work contains traces of marks and stains produced in the process of clay making; it was then loosely stretched over thick stretcher bars in a 2:1 ratio, emulating the appearances of a “brick”. The digital image situates cuboids in a setting, replicated and arranged in different tones and angles through photoshop, resembling a landscape of architectures seen from a bird's-eye view; it hints at different possible ways of placing the cuboids in context to the viewer.