Augmented Body Skin Study

  • For RISD's Wintersession 2015 term, I took a 6 credit course called "Augmented Body," which expanded on the principle of combining architecture and apparel together with technology.  Since the class assignment was open-ended, I decided to treat the five weeks as a study of fibers and textures as it relates to skin and anatomy.  Through 3D modeling, I was intrigued by comparison between creating a 3D form from a program versus creating a 3D form from a 2D fabric used in apparel patternmaking.  I spent time lasercutting, testing LED and fiber optics, as well as sculpting fabric with heat molds which resulted in the creation of a shirt collar that was worn over a dress.  The process of testing and "playing" with these new methods have helped advance my technique and application.
    Model: Sarah Morse
    Materials: Silk, mesh, wood, LED panel and wiring
  • Process and Final Presentatoin