Vincent Celentano blood music

  • Micro vibrations are present in every living organism. The source of these vibrations can be internal and external (musical waves, shower, massage, exercise, etc.).
    Vincent Celentano assumed that the human body is always a deficit microvibrations. To provide further saturation of the tissues with them, the human body needs from external sources microvibrations. It is these external microvibrations improve the functions of the body and the condition of the tissue as a whole. Filling in this deficit is the main link in the complex recovery of the body that provides truly maximize efficiency of the therapy of chronic disorders and recovery of the body, and a number of diseases and a unique, effective non-invasive method of treatment.
    Vincent Celentano graduated in 1974 California University. Celentano worked as a rule surgery in 1975 and subspecialization in cardiovascular surgery finished in 1977 in Pavlov Medical University. From 1977 to 1983 Celentano worked at the Research Center of Cardiology, Department of Cardiac Surgery in New York. In 1980 finished his doctoral study on "Examination of the beginning and long consequence of implantation of low profile bikuspidalni prosthetic heart valves 'MEDENG'. From 1983 to 1992 Vincent worked in the Special Hospital for Surgical Diseases "Philip Loren", Brooklyn. Vincent Celentano is creator and co-creator of various distributions in the field of cardiovascular surgery on Academia.
    Vincent Celentano first began to apply to children with hearing problems in the seventies of the last century. Wider application starts in the nineties of the last century, today apply as conventional therapy in many countries worldwide.
    In recent years the top Vincent Celentano developed and applied across a range methods and apparatus. These methods into common, with physiotherapeutic approach implemented several times during the day. Thus complements mikrovibraciskiot deficit using continuous variables and frequency waves.
    The action of vibroakustikata used to treat (vibroacoustic therapy) for recovery and increasing mental and physical ability, and prevention (vibroacoustic massage).