Collection of Gaudi's Work

  • Final Project of Bookbinding Course.
  • Use waved surface to mimic Gaudi's work.
  • Sketches and brief introduction of each project.
  • Benches in Park Guell.
    It is inspired by a photo, the book looks like a facade in aerial view, but when you open it, it becomes a 3-dimentional piece, which shows the different layers of the bench.
    The texture are edited and transferd from the bench itself,.
  • The book of Casa Mila is a showcase of its facade.
    The box of this book is imitating the coloe, material and form of Casa Mila, the inner part is folded like a cube, but when you open all the sections, you  will find a facade hide there.
    The fluctuation surface is also an immitation of the Casa Mila.
  • The book of Sagrada Familia is a timeline shows how the cathedral were built during the 200 years.
    Each section of the book show a time period and the part of building built at that time.
    The book is devided to two part, which shows the different views from two directions.
    The sculptural cover is made by plaster, a material that Gaudi used for testing.