Popply N Lion Fabric Silkscreen Collection

  • A collection of fabrics inspired by the large, yet cowardly Lion, from the Wizard of Oz, juxtaposing with the field of delicate red poppy flowers.  In Scene IV, the field of small, "harmless" flowers, takes over the Lion, forcing him into an eternal sleep. This collection begins with the simple repeat of each element, and with each fabric, juxtaposes the relationship between the Poppies N the Lion. 
    Fabric Silkscreens
    Hand dyed cotton, Pigment
    Fall 2014
  • "Field of Poppies" - Repeated Pattern
  • "Field of Poppies" - Detail 
  • "Blurred Perception" 
  • "Blurred Perception" - Detail
  • "The Lion's Journey" - Repeat Pattern
  • "The Lion's Journey" - Detail 
  • "The Wicked Witch's View" - The Wicked Witch is viewing, through her glass ball, the Lion being drawn into the spell of the Poppies
  • "The Wicked Witch's View" - Detail 
  • "Lost in America" -  Frank L. Baum's The Wizard of Oz is actually a metaphor for the political, economic, and social events, and the search for gold in America in 1890s. This fabric is a play on an Authentic American flag storytelling the mayhem both in the 1890s and in the Wiard of Oz. 
    "Lost in America" - Detail 
  • "The Lion's Experience" - There is no ending to the Lion once he falls asleep in the Poppy Field. This is my ending --- the Lion does not fall into an eternal sleep, but rather is introduced to an Alternate Reality in which his senses are awakened, his mind is open, and his confidence is strong. 
    "The Lion's Experience" - Detail