One of a kind shoe | italy shoe design

  • This past winter, I took an Italy shoe design travel course. During our three-week stay in Italy, we visited shoe factories, fashion companies, tanneries, musems and lots of amazing restaurants.
    Growing up in China where things are mostly mass produced, I was amazed to see so many hand crafted goods in Italy which are a lot more unique. Italians produce them with so much care and attention to details. Italian shoes, bags and even the plates in restaurants are examples.
  • For my shoe design, I was inspired by the plates I saw during the trip. I was in love with the pattern and the hand painted quality. I decided to make my shoe a one of a kind shoe to celebrate the one of a kind quality of the things Made in Italy. 
  • As you can see, the shoe takes the round shape of the plate. To make the shoe even more unique, I made the shoe wearable from six different sides with six different design on the little circles.
  •  The shoe can also be treated as a decoration to rooms, just like the plate when it is not serving food.