Designing for the Future, Modular Planting System

  • Modular Planting System
    I designed this modular planting system as part of my Designing for Utopias and Dystopias class at Rhode Island School of Design.   This project developed over the course of the class originating with us the students speculating upon future scenarios and then developing products that would fit those scenarios.   The origin of this project was based on speculation that at some point in the future people may become stranded on a deep space, space station for an extended length of time.   In that situation they may have to attempt to grow their own food to survive.   My original designs focused on emergency, expandable growing systems, for that situation.   The final part of the class however required us to design an object that related more to the present.   From that inspiration this product was developed.  Designed to be a modular system that would enable people to grow food within their own home this system features lighting and an irrigation system.   The modules are scaleable and and all link to a hub module that houses a water reservoir and power distribution circuits.  Such an in home growing system would if widely used, help reduce Co2 emissions by eliminating transportation of  foodstuffs from the farm to peoples homes.   
  • The model is a half scale replica of the actual product.   The model is made from lasercut acrylic with 3D printed connector pieces.   It also has working electronics and irrigation systems.  
  • Part of my concept revolves around the idea that some stores would begin to carry products to support the adoption of such a system.