Octandy - Candy Dispenser

  • RISD Industrial Design Sophomore year (14-15)
    Fall Semester 
    Design Principle I Final
    Instructor: Liz Knight
  • For DP final project, each student chose a product to redesign according to a very specific user group. 
    I chose a Candy Dispenser as my product and my user groups was grand parents with grand childrens.
  • After creating an exploded view and an instruction of how the dispenser is used, I started to sketch many different variations of dispensers that were both appealing to grand parents and children.
  • From the sketches, a few ideas were chosen to be modeled with blue foam.
  • More detailed sketches were made to help me decide on one design out of two; either a chicken or an octopus. 
    Through several discussions with my classmates, I decided that the chicken form is already a common design and chose the octopus form.
  • Orthographic Drawing
  • Color Studies
  • Final Product
  • The sophomores had a walkthrough in the end of Fall semester, showing what they have done over the past three months. 
    The candy dispenser was displayed with my other projects made during the Fall semester.