Inverted Anatomy: In Search of Emptiness

  • Connecting Water, Air, and Light Chambers

    How can multiple things coexist and cooperate in order to create spaces and connections that are enclosed yet open? How can an Architecture function like a fabric building through borrowing and sharing qualities between elements, while creating surprising figural voids? Through the discovery of merging and carving operations, exterior and interior spaces are created between contextual masses, as well as within the new intervention.

    Providence has a river, but the experience of touching the water remains unreachable. Through the design of hollow spanning elements, space for an immersive interaction with water is explored. Water is experienced both directly and visually through a series of apertures. These vertical and horizontal openings register onto adjacent chambers marking a presence on the other side. This cooperation between different spaces is explored at different scales.

  • Architectural scale-apertures connecting chambers for water and air.
  • Human scale-openings between adjacent private rooms, and private rooms to the street.
  • Urban scale-a paved path connecting the building proposal to the bridge proposal, and the Eastside of Providence to the Jewelry District and downtown.
  • Urban scale-an exterior room between context masses that extends into the proposal’s interior.
  • The scale of a bridge-a space to experience the change of the tide.