Tethir Branding

  • This is the design of a brand logo I created for a team
    of Brown University students' social networking startup,
    Tethir. Tethir is a whole new way of networking for
    college students to discover and join events or clubs
    at or around their school based on tags. Not only will
    it make broadcast of events easier for event leaders
    and coordinators, but it will also allow students to find
    and meet people who have the same interests in a
    much quicker, efficient manner. 
  • Sketches and Process
  • In order to play along with the name of their company as well
    asemphasize their easy access to networking, I decided to focus
    on the connectivity of letterforms.
  • We decided to go for a rounded, friendly atmosphere while still
    maintaining a modern look in the logo. The shape of the chat box
    was inspired by the shape of the tags that Tethir had on their
    website in order to highlight its unique value as a social networking
    site. The smiley face icon can be used as a smaller logo but is
    also indicative of which tags one follows. We wanted the icon to not
    only be a logo for the company, but also a mascot character that
    users can connect with.