Here We Go

  • The 'Here We Go' project was a semester long process of developing a fun, spontaneous way of producing loads of content quickly and effectively in maya, and exploring new and exciting ways of animating. 
    Before I started, I created a few rules for myself in the effort to help induce new ways of thinking about animation and enacting a structure so I wouldn't get incredibly carried away and not finish on time.
    Rule #1 I could not render ANYTHING. no passes. nothing. everything was to be simply screen captured straight from the viewport.
    Rule #2 I could only use 'experimental' means of animating. In this case I primarily used motion capture software and hardware to produce all primary and most secondary movement within the project. Barely any frame by frame or animating into the wee hours of the night.
    Rule #3 One Shot, One Camera move. this was an important rule and challenge I wanted to set in motion. 
    Using these guidelines to develop the project turned out to be incredibly challenging and exciting, working way out of my comfort zone! I built a janky, home-brew motion capture studio, using a PC and 8 playstation eyes and went to town! 
    I'm intending to pick up this project again after college, producing a skit every so often, adding to the string of rooms in the video, ending up with an incredibly long, diverse set of bizarre, fun, colorful animations
    Note: The video below is a roughcut and is currently missing several scenes
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    Thanks for checking out the work!