RISD: DTC Moon Buggy Parts

  • Designing and Building the RISD DTC 2015 Moon Buggy 
  • A sample of parts that I designed for the for the moon buggy that the RISD Designed to Compete club is building as part of the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge.   We are currently making what parts we can, and outsourcing the production of others to local manufacturers.   Full assemblies of these parts will be posted in another project.  
    NASA  Human Exploration Rover Challenge:
  • This part that we call the wheel plate is going to be waterjet cut from 1/2 inch aluminium it features mounting points for the ends of both a-arms, the brake caliper, and steering arm.
  • We considered a steel version of wheel plate.
  • The steering plate connects the steering handles to the steering arms, again it is going to be cut from 1/2 inch aluminium and have a bearing housing welded into it.
  • The rear wheel is held in place by the rear dropouts which are made from several components: 3/4 inch waterjet cut and machined aluminium, and 1/2 inch laser cut steel that gets brazed to the frame.   Again the brake caliper mounting point is integrated into the hardware.
  • Various components for mounting hardware to the chassis. 
  • The a-arms are highly important, structural parts of the moon buggy.  They are made from steel and have mounting points for rod end bearings and the shock absorber.