Flesh and Blood: Illustrated Collection

  • We look at most objects in its idealized state.  However in reality, nothing is idealized.  Everything is in constant flux.  Take an orange for example.  An orange will not look like the bright orange fruit that we all think of.  Pores run through its system and breathe.  It is in as much change as we are.
    This collection gives “flesh and blood” to something that is not.  It deals with the study of looking at an idealized object, an orange, and seeing through a saturated and volatile lens.  Realizing that its whole can be broken down and peeled into as well as be added upon naturally and artificially.
    This process of human flux –whether that is the natural decomposition or artificial introduction of another substance– paved the way for how my drawings developed.  All the drawings derived from collages that were made from ripping and cutting photos that were then layered upon each other.
    Cocoon yourself in a world of volatility.  Fixate and obsess upon it.  And engage.