Candy Box for the TCK

  • The package is meant to resemble that of a suitcase/luggage at first sight, with the baggage tag referring to  TCK-related jokes. (E.g., address: which one?  phone: which one? )   

  • As the bag is opened, it folds into that of a plane. 

  • As the plane opens, one will discover miniature (1.5 inched squares) houses that all belong to a certain country. Postage stamps act as a pattern for my package design.

  • Removing the roof will then reveal a chocolate heart. (Sculpted with sculpey then molded and casted) 
    The recipient is to eat a heart, then move to the next destination as indicated by the paper plane that sits below the heart. The eating of the heart symbolises the heartache each time one moves homes. 

  • Closeup of the countries as houses: Germany, France, Netherlands in first row.


  • In order to move in the right order, one has to be quite cosmopolitan ! ;) Can you identify the countries below? 
  • Enjoy!