Inspired by variation and ideation, the Parametric Pendant marries opposed forms and materials with heat and pressure through its fundamentally generative design. In a multi-step process which begins in the computer, a heuristic model of the faceted vessel form is used to create a unique iteration of the pendant’s water jet cut copper shell. This rational shell is then transformed through the introduction of a smoke gray glass bubble. As the copper and glass interact they form a single object; the glass reacting to the shape it is expanded within and the copper adopting a natural heat patina and weakening under the intense heat of the glass to the point that it moves and responds simultaneously. This system allows for a family of objects both efficiently producible and consistently unique.
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    The bulb used in this pendant employs a high efficiency LED filament with a warm, glowing 2200 Kelvin colour temperature. The bulb is 80% more efficient and boasts a lifespan over 6 times longer than comparable incandescents while keeping the same aesthetic quality. 

    In principle, every pendant body is entirely customizable and will be created as a unique iteration within the specified size parameters. However, if desired, a series of closely related pendants is available upon request.
    Dimensions: 8-12 x 10-14 in (variable) 
    Materials: hand blown smoke gray glass, naturally heat patinated and oil rubbed copper, blackened oil rubbed brass 
    Light: 120V or 240V LED dimmable 
    Suspension: 60" single black braided cord 

    Please inquire at sales@colinwesteinde.com for more information and larger images.