• The Face of Emotion parallels my internal conflicts. The things about me distort the essences. Emotional conflicts accumulate to make bigger conflict and if not overcome, the myriad of emotions link with one another to form an emotional void.  
    Min Hee Kim
  • Emotion Diagram
  • Details
  • This sculpture embodies all my emotions. The emotions in my head are conveyed to the world outside, and the conveyed emotions return to my interior. The restored emotions create deep holes in my Face of Emotion. They influence my future emotions and they react by creating more holes. The valleys created on my Face of Emotion burrow deeper, and eventually penetrate the other side. My emotions are transferred to my mouth, eyes, ears, and skin and are then absorbed somewhere deep into my interior. 
  • Size: 35 × 25×20 cm
    Duration: 2014
    Material: Mix ed Media
  • projection mapping