Wood One: Fruit Bowl

  • This was one of two final projects from Wood One, a Rhode Island School of Design class for Industrial Design sophomores. The course focuses on design and craft in wood using primarily handtools.
  • The brief for this project was to design and build a fruit bowl from a single block of 8-quarter pine. Handcarving had to be the primary method of form construction and texture had to be employed in the surface.
  • Early sketches for idea generation, including a spread of 36 ideas generated in 15 minutes.
    From this spread, a few ideas were selected for development, as seen above.
  • Clay studies to decide structure
  • Sketches analysing possible form and proportions
  • Wooden sketch models to inform intelligent construction methods
  • Orthographic sketches to work out proportions
  • Final clay and paper models
  • Finished carving with pomegranate
  • The top tray is removable for serving and can be slid across the stand, creating beautiful compositions