• This project explores the complexitiy of natural phenomona that are insideous and repulsive while also being compelling sources of growth. I began this project with drawings and paint studies of fungus, focusing on the natural forms and trying to distract from the often negative connotations of decay. 
    As the project progressed, the subject shifted to imagery of cancer. I have attempted to explore my personal, deeply complex experience with cancer. I found my own experiences with these diseases contained many of the same dichotomies. They are destructive while being sources of physical and emotion growth, being repulsive yet begging for investigation. I chose panels to reflect the physical growth of a tumor and the accumlation of my own memories. Through the creation of these paintings I hoped to gain more acceptance and peace with my experiences. While on display I intend for the source of imagry to remain ambiguous, just as my relationship with the subject will always be complex and difficult to verbalize. 
  • The panels as well as the inlaid drawings refer to a pattern of growth as well as drawing upon the use of microscope slides. 
    Several variations of studies were done, exploring other types of growths such as fungus. The color palatte was adjusted to explore different emotional connotations.