Temporary Heirlooms

  • Temporary Heirlooms
    Wax, Lace, Hairnets, Copper
    Many of us have a motley collection of travel souvenirs scattered about our houses. Pebbles painted with stocky palm trees that say ‘Welcome to Bali’ on the flip side, a pair of knitted tulips from a duty-free shop, a yellowing plastic snow globe with a cityscape we have never seen – a gift from a colleague perhaps. They sit innocuously on our desks or on the mantelpiece, listening to snippets of our daily gossip, their hues changing ever so slightly when we get a dreaded phone call in the middle of the night, when we sit at the kitchen table on a Sunday morning, when we trudge into the house on some evenings quite simply relieved that the day is over.
    Quietly, but surely emanating with a secret inner life.