Akiyoshidai Area Memory Walks 12.13.14 - 12.27.14

  • My Memory Walks, along with Akiyoshidai International Art Village staff members, and Memory Walks workshop participants were on display as part of the 2014 Fellowship Artists exhibition.  During my residency at AIAV, I made my Memory Walk drawings for one day all on one eggshell.  I also included color coding to indicate when I used a mode of transportation other than walking to get to a different location.
    As with my previous Memory Walks project, each eggshell drawing represents walks that I took during my two weeks at AIAV.  For example, going from the kitchen to the studio, the studio to the gallery, the studio to my room, the studio to towns around AIAV, etc.
    For this installation, I placed each eggshell on a small cardboard ring.  My Memory Walk drawings are arranged in three rows and five columns.  The eggshells on days which I held Memory Walks workshops are surrounded by Memory Walk drawings of workshop participants.