Iron and Glass : Light Projections | Fall 2014

  •  The focus of this project was to create an optic device using glass lenses and iron as a vessel. 
    All lenses were ground and polished into different concave formations in order to create a combination of light projections, by stacking the lenses or projecting them individually. The overall form was inspired by the human eye, the overarching optic device in our lives. Through these two materials, I wanted to develop a more sculptural piece which provided an experience for the user, and set a particular environment when lit. 
     This project was developed as a final for both my glass coldworking and cast iron studios.
  • Lens Projections
  • Process
  • Each lens started form a rough cut piece of 1/2" sheet glass. Each piece was shaped into a circle using a combination of a diamond flat lap and a belt sander. The lens layout was drawn on separate sheets of paper and then scribed onto the glass. Each lens was ground and polished using both a lathe and a felt polishing wheel.
  • Process
  • Two spherical shaped pattern pieces were turned with a 3" dia. excess on each side for a rod core insert, wide enough for the aluminum piece which would hold the glass lenses in place. A core box was created around the smaller spherical pattern piece, in order to create the hollow interior. 
  • Casting received.
  • Final
  • Aluminum insert for the glass lenses was turned on a metal lathe. Plumbing was removed from casting, and piece was ground and cleaned around the parting lines. Various layers of liver of sulfur were used to blacken the piece.