Glass Coldworking : Part I | Fall 2014

  • Glass Coldworking Projects : Part I
  • This course offered comprehensive technical instruction on basic glass "coldworking" processes including glass polishing, sandblasting, etching, cutting, engraving, gluing, laminating, and glass drilling. The studio consisted of intensive demonstrations of all techniques in order to develop specific exercises and additional self developed projects.
    As an Industrial Design student, I have developed an appreciation for different materials and processes. Therefore, the opportunity to develop skills in a material such as glass has helped understand how this particular material responds, and has proved extremely informative for further designs. Below, you will find three of my coldworking projects and a series of images of the process behind each project developed throughout the Fall of 2014.
  • One Rectangle, Two Squares | Beggining Exercise
  • This beggining exercise consisted of grinding a rough cut piece of 1/2" sheet glass into a perfect rectangle. After this was achieved, the piece was cut in half in order to shape two separate, yet identical squares. 
    Belt Sander, 220 Grit Wheel, Flat Lap, Hand Lap, Diamond Saw, Felt Polishing Wheel
  • Isometric Cube Exercise
  • From a rough piece of 1/2" sheet glass, we were tasked to shape a hexagonal piece. This piece was then lapped in order to shape three identical facets which would create the illusion of an isometric cube. 
    Belt Sander, Diamond Saw, Flat Lap, Felt Polishing Wheel
  • Shaping Figures from Solids
  • From a solid block, we were tasked with creating a figure of our chosing. In order to grow accustomed to such a reductive process, we could practice our individual shapes on plaster blocks. This exercise required the majority of the machinery and tools in the cold shop. In particular, tools such as a flexshaft which was used in order to create small detailing, such as the crack in the egg I shaped.
    Belt Sander, Diamond Saw, Flat Lap, Lathe, Flexshaft, Felt Polishing Wheel
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