Family Driving for All Abilities: ARC

  • The project 'Family Driving for All Abilities' was commissioned by Chrysler for the student organisation Design for America in July 2014. Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design entered a six person team for the project to work on redeveloping cars for the benfit of physically disabled teen drivers. The team chose to focus on making essential controls such as wipers and lights more accessable and intuitive to all drivers, designing a system equally suited to two-handed drivers or those driving with only one hand available.

    Final presentations for the project were done at Chrysler's headquarters in Detroit in December 2014.
  • Inital sketches
  • Sketch models of early idea
  • Digital renderings of initial idea
  • User testing of a variety of low fidelity prototypes.
  • One of the cardboard prototypes used for user testing
  • Possibilities for the button pad interface
  • Poster design for final presentation, containing full description of the user need and product solution.
    Graphic Design by Nic Sholtz
    Solidworks Renderings by Iyad Owen-Ilia
  • Prototype construction
  • Higher fidelity final prototype
  • Two handed usage
  • Wiper control
  • Arc pad movement on track to account for left or right handed drivers with one or two hands available
  • Arc grip in open position. This allows the wheel to be turned with only one hand.
  • Arc pad and grip in use together for a driver with only one hand available
  • The team at Chrysler's headquarters