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  • Phượt not mean” carrying the network up and go ”
    The photograph of the scene of 50 people in the group overnight phượt highway also led many to startle. What makes this phượt group stayed overnight at the bend on the highway are many people pointed out: there is a lack of understanding and lack of responsibility of the head.
    The sight that despite all the hand asks “phượt” most senior, it is not those who dare to try this.
    “It is clear that despite the traffic law, disregard for their own lives and not another companion or a lack of understanding difficult to accept ” . – The words of a member of the forum
    “With the number phượt 50 people, then obviously on the way there will not be room enough to eat, enough to sleep in for all these people. Before you go, should any questions, ask the chief that there is nowhere enough for 50 people to sleep, or leave that where phượt was scruffy with lying there? Or you can calculate that the long journey ahead will be faced with what? You seem to ignore health, their safety in exchange for a trip phượt “famous” crowded ” – A Fber MD says
    “Going at the speed of 50km / h I had with one of his friends dived in the area around the mountain bends, and you go with speed 70-80km / h, I think you are” throwing “properties network in a conversation going. It dose and silly! ” – LK FBer say
    During phượt “dangerous”, one member spoke out in the press about his quit midway due to injuries on the way. This member said that he had come to Ha Giang journey through the night, crossing paths winding mountain pass with speed 70-80km / h. Hearing everyone is startled out of desperation, lives lightly. But with a first-time boyfriend go phượt like this, it is simply “hear go phượt to Ha Giang, is also interesting to go,” but there is no way to calculate a field trip phượt – itself should have skill, nothing prepared.
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