Metals One

  • All of the following work was produced in Metals One, a Rhode Island School of Design class for Industrial Design sophomores. It focuses on cold connections and basic tooling in sheet metal. The design process shown here is only a tiny fraction of the work as it developed, and is given merely as examples of the study made.
  • Early material testing
  • Sketchbook planning for forms in thin tin-plate steel (above and below)
  • Concepts for unlimited planes executed in metal
  • The final project for this class was to create either a modular form, and panelled form or an enclosure.┬áThe piece made in response to this brief involves all areas of the brief. It has modules in the pentagons and hexagons, but then a second layer of modules exists within that, as identical triangles form every panel. The piece was created to explore the concept of the enclose: how could something be at once open but also enclosed?
  • Sketches for transforming sheet metal into a complex curve
  • Models to test complex curvature (above) and industrial fittings (below)
  • Sketches for planning final form of modular pannelled enclosure
  • Paper models to plan construction and module structure
  • First iteration of final form
  • Final iteration of form
    Note the large diameter ball bearing held enclosed but always visible at the centre of the form