Fidget Toy - Fleximan

  • Process board for first version of Fleximan.
  • I based my idea for my fidget toy on my personal habit of fidgeting: pulling and twisting my hairband.
    When I began sketching my ideas, the first question I asked myself was, ‘where would it live’? I constantly fidget with my hairband because it’s always on my wrist, so for a fidget toy to be successfully fidgeted with would be to design it in a way so that it could be conveniently carried anywhere. That’s when I thought of a fidget toy for a set of keys or a phone accessory.
  • First concept sketch.
  • My first concept was having a human figure that would have a rubber band belt around its waist and a rubber nose that could be pulled and squished. But if it were to become a phone accessory, the scale of the fidget toy had to be small, thus making my rubber band belt and nose idea too small to be played with. 
  • First version of Fleximan
  • Then I thought why not make the human figure it self be made of a flexible material? Silicone was the answer. There were different types of silicone, but the silicone I chose to work with was the dragon skin silicone, which was the squishiest silicone available to consumers. To add another function to the fidgeting, I incorporated buttons in the middle of the figure’s body and holes on the hands and feet that would be pulled over to snap onto the buttons. These buttons would have to be drawn on Solid Works and then printed out on the 3D printer.
    I have never casted silicone before and through numerous approaches and trials, I was able to organize myself to make a small mass production line. By making more than one mold, I was able to work efficiently and successfully made many versions. 
    My first version was on a very small scale, making the 3D printed buttons to be too small and fragile. Also the toy was too small to be interacting with any of its surroundings. I then modified my toy to a bigger size, making the buttons to be larger thus sturdier, as well as the holes on the hands and feet to be larger so that it can interact with other items such as inserting its hands through its feet or inserting a key into its hand. 
  • Second version of Fleximan in 2 different colors.
  • Second version of Fleximan in 2 different colors.
  • Close up view.