The Metaphysics of Sisterhood

  • Final project for Nikki Juen's fall semester 2D design class, answering the prompt: tell a personal narrative through sixteen double-sided cards, each card correlating with a theme, i.e. geometry, symmetry, magnitude, etc., that must be included on the card. 
    Inspired my relationship to my four younger sisters, the piece focuses on the reality of sisterhood as an alternate to the outward perceptions of it. It is comprised of sixteen original statements written from personal experience, paired with 16 linoleum carvings of images of my sisters and I from our childhood. The statements are laser-cut onto the back of 4" x 6" masonite cards and the prints are stamped with white and then black ink on the opposing sides. The packaging is constructed out of 1/4" plexiglass and allows a place to lift the cards in and out.