• honeybee 
    she is five-years-old and busy as a bee.  she is a leader, but not a demanding “queen”. she dresses her age, but acts well beyond her years. her company is unmatched. she is a hard worker, and very conscientious. structure plays an important role in her life.  she is a twinkle in the eye of her mom, dad, grammy, grampy, nanny and papa.  she is the oldest, of three girls, so all her clothing will be passed down, giving garments a new life when they are outgrown.  her heart is swarming with compassion, and you can see it in everything she does. 
    she is a honeybee.    
  • machine knit skirt and tank top, jersey hoodie with machine knit detailing 
  • machine knit poncho, hat and legwarmers with jersey t-shirt and leggings
  • machine knit tunic, jersey leggings, and fleece neck warmer 
  • Photography: Matt Francis Photos