One Hundred Pendants Installation

  • Senior Display prompt: To collaborate with a classmate and utilize the display wall for pieces of our choosing. My closest friend and classmate, Rachel Chiodo and I paired up to display her 50 pendants (previous project inspired by Richard Serra's 50 verbs), and my 50 pendants for a collaborative display entitled, "One Hundred". 
    We chose to focus on the experience of wearing jewelry, that it is tied directly to the physical body. Here, rather we explored the etheral qualities of suspension and movement of our pendants, that goes beyond the body and the space in which it exists. From this experience and inspiration, Rachel and I wrote our own 100 verbs, as did Richard Serra, to associate our own process in making the display. 
  • First steps in planning
  • Building the hanging frame
  • First pieces hanging
  • Signing our names!
  • Rachel and I, after review!