Light Pollution Awareness Campaign

    Light pollution has become a growing concern in cities around the world today.
    It not only reduces visibility of the night sky, but also interferes with the
    biological rhythms of both humans and animals. It also leads to a wastage
    of precious resources and enhances atmospheric pollution.
    DE LIGHT seeks to light up communal bonding through initiatives that make people
    appreciate the true beauty of a starlit sky, which they have lost to light pollution.
    It aims to encourage people to use efficient lighting methods that save resources and
    focus light where required, rather than emitting it to the sky.
    The DE LIGHT campaign focuses on the concept of ‘the reveal’. It seeks to bring
    awareness to  a pressing problem in a fun and engaging way.
    The event seeks to bring communities together and encourage them to switch off their lights for a few hours. During this time members of the community are invited to enjoy a glow in the dark path that would be laid out in their communal space. The concept for the path was inspired by bioluminescence.
  • During the event, there would be star gazing sessions and short demonstrations of how to use lighting efficiently. The event would also attract members from other communities who may enjoy it and also become interested in hosting the event. People are encouraged to enjoy the beauty of the night and have fun together.
    This would be a clear inflatable dome through which, people would be able to see a clear view of the night sky. They would be encouraged to play ‘Join the dots’ with the stars and draw
    on the surface of the dome with a special marker that would be provided. The dome would be installed during the ‘Path of Delight’ event and also for star watching excursions to other
    rural areas where there would be better star visibility.
    The website would scroll to pregressively reveal a starry night.
  • Glow in the dark merchandise
  • The App seeks to create a growing community of DE LIGHT enthusiasts, educate the audience about light pollution and engage them to appreciate the beauty of the starlit sky. 
  • The audience may document and share the measure of light pollution
    in areas that they reside in using the ‘Light Meter’. 
  • The audience can reveal the idealized version of the night sky and
    learn about astronomical facts in ‘Reveal the Stars’.
  • The audience can  play ‘join the dots’ with the stars and share their drawings and findings.