• FREEZE is a campaign to stop climate change in its tracks. Climate change is causing the Arctic to melt, making polar bears endangered. The symbol of the polar bear's cute face connects with a wide variety of people and helps teach them to be more conscious of their everyday actions. The whitespace around the polar bear's face is an opportunity for new, creative ideas to help combat climate change.
  • These applications are aimed to remind people to FREEZE when they are doing something that can prevent climate change. 
  • Drawing inspiration from the children's book "Flat Stanley," young students are given templates in which they can create their own polar bears. The template is a blank paper with the FREEZE logo on it. They can add a body, color it in, and cut it out as they please. The teacher then takes the polar bears and laminates them for the students.

    Students take their laminated polar bears and have on week to pose it in front of ways to save energy. Hopefully, this turns the topic of conserving energy into a family discussion.

    The student with the most ideas/poses by the end of the week wins a prize of FREEZE apparel. Students can earn more points by challenging other family members to make their own polar bears too.