It's A Sticky Situation

  • ASSIGNMENT: Create two posters (1 factual, 1 poetic) that show your opinion on a current world issue. 
    After visiting Singapore, I was always interested in their odd law that restricted the use, distribution, and trade of chewing gum. Public city workers in the 1980s had great trouble cleaning the city streets and other public areas because of littered chewing gum. After the billion dollar metro system was ruined by gum getting stuck in the automatic door sensors, the official ban was implemented in 1992. While researching all the negative aspects about chewing gum, I was convinced that other countries should look to this ban due to how much money it would save in cleaning up littering. Additionally, it could easily banish the rude gestures associated with gum, along with numerous health concerns. 
    20 packs of Hubba Bubba later..