• This eveningwear collection was inspired by the 1920’s actress Anna May Wong, who was the first Chinese American actress to break through into Hollywood. Wong was a fun and playful woman with a lighthearted soul and a fiery spirit similar to that of any American woman. Despite this, she was often placed into overly exotic roles in films, forcing her to hide her true self. The pieces in this collection draw from this concept of hide and reveal. The garments are feature silhouettes that pretend to cover an already exposed body, and are made of a mix of sheer and embellished materials. The collection is overall very ornate, drawing inspiration from Wong’s elegant yet complex personality.
    This collection is for the woman who is always in the spotlight. She is well posed and confident, yet can not express her true personality in front of so much attention. She is between her late twenties and mid thirties, and lives a fairly affluent life which she has built for herself. The garments she wears serve as a statement of how the media overly adorns and attempts to see through her. However, she is in control of what parts of her body she choses to reveal and which secrets she chooses to tell.
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