Sixteen Stories through Material

  • Sixteen Stories through Material was my final project for first semester Design Foundations at RISD. Our assignment was to create a deck of 16 4"x 6" cards, each relating to a theme in design but also telling a story about ourselves. A collective self portrait. I created 16 small dioramas to answer the prompt, and relayed aspects of myself in each box through minimal materials. Most are stories personal to me that I don't expect the viewer to understand. Like the feathers in the Symmetry box representing the intense bird watching phase I went though in middle school. Or the Magnitude box referencing the infinite mirror box I made in 10th grade.
  • Subtle
    Pale Blue Dot
  • Movement 
    Mexican Jumping Beans
  • Uniformity
    White Polo & printed image
  • Organic
    Uncut Ruby & Preserved Moss
  • Geometry
    Brick Texture Prints & Balsa Wood
  • Symmetry
  • Asymmetry
    Sand from Miami Beach & Fabric from Rhode Island Bedroom
  • Harmony 
    Beta Fish Photographs & Aquarium Pebbles 
  • Magnitude
    Remnants of Infinite Mirror Box
  • Intricacy
    Sketchbook pages
  • Modern
    Crab Claw & Acrylic Paint
  • Contemporary
    Photograph of Artist and Lid of Cardboard box
  • Ornamentation
    Gold Leaf & Amethyst
  • Proportion 
    Miniature Pin & Clay
  • Simplicity
    Clay and Mirrors
  • Experimental
    Clear Film that refracts light